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Wholesale Closeouts Merchandise Liquidation

We offer goods from at below-wholesale prices such as, Office/Kitchen/Appliances/Home Products, Salvage Sporting Goods & Automotive Products, Baby Cribs, Plumbing and Accessories, Pet Supplies & HBA, Shelf Pulls Computers & Electronics, Wholesale General Merchandise, Lawn and Garden Merchandise, Overstock Furniture, and much more. We sell the finest deals you'll find for your retail business! Computer Truckload

May contain a mixture of tablets, computers, accessories, memory, software, and many more. Over $300,000 worth of merchandise.

FOB Tennessee. Call today for our special prices. We beat any price!

closeout computer
wholesale tablet samsung
computer disc pallets Furniture

Mixture contains coffee tables, desks, chairs, bedroom sets, mattresses, dressers, patio sets, cabinet stands, and more.

Call us today for our low prices. We beat any price! FOB Tennessee.

clearance accent chair
overstock bedroom set amazon
overstock coffee table brown

Amazon Lawn and Garden Tools

May contain lawn mowers, trimmers, generators, heavy-duty hoses, germination trays, spades, plant containers, gardening tools, and more!

Call us today. We beat any price! FOB Tenneesse or Ohio. Super Load! Order now.

gardening tools shelf pulls
surplus lawn mower
discount plant containers

Amazon General Merchandise

An assortment of lawn and garden items, automotive, sporting goods, electronics, kitchen accessories, home products, home improvement, office pallets, pet products, toys, and much more.

85% clean almost new merchandise. FOB Florida.

clearance pet products
clearance garden glove
closeout black tv

Amazon Home Essentials / Musical Instruments / Computers & Electronics

Mixture that may include home decorations, lamps, bedding, kitchenware, organizers, bathroom accessories, headphones, microphones, guitars, speaker cables, equalizers, keyboards, DJ and lighting, kid's instruments, TV's, home and audio theater, cell phone accessories, MP3 players, computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, GPS, video games, camera accessories, printers and inks, and many more items!

FOB Tenneessee or Ohio. Super Load!!! Order now.

kodak printer pallets
speaker cable pallets
wholesale colorful lamps

Amazon Home Improvement

Assortment may include power drills, tool sets, bike racks, stands, shelves, lighting, faucets, organizers, paint supplies, wall treatments, building supplies, door knobs, lock sets, cabinets, hand tools, and more.

FOB Tennessee or Ohio. Call today for our low prices. We beat any price! Order now.

door knob liquidators
discount bathroom faucets
screw drivers pallets

Amazon Office/Kitchen/Appliances/Home Products

May contain huge selection of desks, computer chairs, bookcases, desk organizers, cordless handset phones, coffee makers, ovens, toasters, flatware, serving sets, glassware, food storage, steamers, grill pans, cutting boards, chef knives, gadget sets, pots, bakeware sets, refriderators, freezers, washers, dryers, home decorations, lamps, and more.

FOB Tennessee or Ohio. Call today for our low prices. We beat any price! Order now.

blender deals
toaster deals
clearance coffee maker

Amazon Sporting Goods & Automotive

This load may contain a variety of treadmills, exercise machines and bikes, fitness DVDs and videos, exercise balls, jump ropes, tens and camping accessories, hunting, fishing, tools, automotive parts, wheels, tires, GPS, all outdoor sports accessories, and more!

FOB Tenneesse or Ohio. Super Load!!! Order now. We beat any price!

bulk tent
fitness balls pallets
excerise dvds pallets

Amazon Baby Cribs

An assortment of different sizes and styles of cribs.

FOB Tennessee. Super Load!!! Order now. We beat any price!

pink crib dresser in bulk
brown baby crib shelf pulls
amber baby crib shelf pulls

Amazon Plumbing and Accessories

Load may contain a mixture of drain cleaning equipment, faucet parts, pipes, pipe fittings, toilet parts, valves, water heaters and parts, water pumps, garbage disposals, and more!

FOB Tennessee or Ohio. Super Load!!! Order now.

surplus water pump
bulk black garbage disposal
pipes lots

Amazon Pet Supplies & HBA (Health and Beauty Aids)

May contain a mixture of pet supplies such as, squeak toys, leashes, feeding and watering supplies, booster seats, health supplies, waste bags, cat cupplies, harnesses, indoor pet potty, trimmers, safety barrier, water fountain, and beds. HBA may contain makeup, brushes, nail tools, shampoo, conditioner, hair color, skin care products, perfumes, electric shavers, groomers, power toothbrushes, cleansers, exfoliators, and more!

FOB Tennessee or Ohio. Super Load!!! Order now.

red dog lease pallets
loreal elvive shampoo conditioner shelf pulls
closeout neutrogena facial cleanser

Amazon Baby Loads

May contain customer returns and shelf-pulls/overstock baby items such as, strollers, car seats, baby clothing, toys, high chairs, mattresses, cribs, baby and infant accessories and much more! Super deal order now and save!

FOB Ohio or Tennesee. Call for merchandise availability and updated prices. We beat any price!

clearance blue bouncer
pink black stroller closeouts
high chair disney in bulk

All New Amazon Clothing

Load may contain a nice mix of shirts, dresses, t-shirts, pants, shorts and more. Assorted brands, styles, sizes and colors for men, women, and children.

Each Load with approximately 33,000 pieces. FOB Indiana. Buy now!

bulk girls short sleeve dress and legging set
white womens  pallets
blue keep calm and shine on t shirt in bulk

Amazon Assorted Jewelry

All new. Load may contain a very nice assortment of bracelets, rings, earrings, sunglasses, necklaces, watches and more!

FOB Florida. Super Deal!

silver diamond earrings lots
gold green ring shelf pulls
gold bracelet pallets Woot General Goods

May contain mixed categories such as: lawn and garden, automotive, electronics, kitchen, home products, home improvement, office pallets, pet products, toys, and much more.

FOB Ohio. Super Deal!

overstock power bank charger
liquidation auto maintenance toolkit
solar garden led lights lots