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Wholesale Overstock Drugstore/Dollar Store/Groceries Liquidators

We carry wholesale drugstore closeouts, dollarstore items, and grocery store merchandise. Generic brands and brand names such as, Axe, Dove Mixed Items, Pond's, Pantene, Summers Eve, Garnier, Huggies, Vaseline, Goody's, Kimberly Clarke, L'Oreal, Wholesale Garnier, and many others. We offer new products, cheap shelf-pulls and overstock merchandise. Liquidation closeouts and bulk salvage merchandise may include HBA, hair products, foot care, over-the-counter drugs, shampoos, chips and dips, juice drinks, cookies, fruit snacks, canned soups, cleaning products, food, bakeware and cookware, baking gadgets, food preparation products, diapers, pet supplies, feminine products, and much more.

Rite Aid HBA / Drug Store Items

May contain a selection of mixed brand name items such as, HBA, hair care, foot care, over the counter drugs, shampoos, and many other drug store items.

Each pallet is approx. 7 feet tall. FOB Florida. Order now and get the best!

loreal re nutrition closeouts
foot balm liquidators
discount akileine glamour

Rite Aid Household Brand Name Items

All overstock and shelf-pulls products with an assortment of household items such as, Air Wick automatic spray, scented oils, flame less candle scent, Woolite and Lysol air fresheners, Easy Off cleaner, Spray N Wash, Lysol wipes, and other household items.

FOB Florida. Call now, we beat any price!

lysol spray truckloads
airance spray pallets
lysol wipes truckloads

Amazon Pet Supplies & HBA (Health and Beauty Aids)

May contain a mixture of pet supplies such as, squeak toys, leashes, feeding and watering supplies, waste bags, cat supplies, harnesses, indoor pet potty, trimmers, beds, makeup, brushes, nail tools, shampoo, conditioner, hair color, skin care products, exfoliates, and more.

FOB Tennessee or Ohio. Super Load!!! Order now.

red dog lease pallets
loreal elvive shampoo conditioner shelf pulls
closeout neutrogena facial cleanser

Goody's Hair Accessories

All new first quality Goody's hair accessories such as, barrettes, brush sets, hair pins, clips, ponytail holders, ouchless headbands, combs, brushes, rollers, and much more.

Each pallet contains approx 5,500 pieces. Your cost is as low as $0.55 per piece. FOB Florida.

goody blowdry brush closeouts
discount goody scrunchies
discount goody bobby pins

Kimberly-Clark Products

Huge selection of the world's most recognized brands such as, diapers, paper products, tissues, paper towels, feminine products, baby items, and much more.

Please call for merchandise availability and special prices.

wholesale kimberly clark
kimberly clark products lots
scott tissues pallets

L'Oreal / Garnier Hair Care Products

Contains assorted Garnier hair products such as, shampoos, conditioners, spray gels, texture gels, leave in curl shine, soft curl creams, and much more.

All new shelf-pulls. FOB Florida. Please call now, we beat any price!

discount loreal evercreme
loreal hot curl spray suppliers
overstock loreal hair repair

L'Oreal / Garnier Hair Color

All new shelf-pulls of assorted hair colors.

FOB Florida. Please call now, we beat any price!

liquidation loreal excellence blonde
red garnier hairdye closeouts
loreal hair color dye suppliers

Health and Beauty Aid Products (HBA) / Drugstore Items

Overstock and shelf-pulls of HBA, vitamins, toothpaste, foot remedies, face remedies, lotions, cough medication, heartburn tablets, Aspirin, Benadryl, Metamucil, acid release tablets, over-the-counter medications, and much more.

FOB Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida. Call now, we beat any price!

discount personal trimmer
discount crest toothpaste
overstock niveda body lotion

Mixed Food / Snacks / Groceries

Huge selection of brand name food, snacks, and groceries items such as, chips and dips, cookies, fruit snacks, canned soups, canned vegetables, candies, crackers, popcorn, pretzels, trail mix, and much more.

FOB Florida. Call now, we beat any price!

closeout pretzels
bulk campbells chicken soup
overstock chips ahoy cookies

Choice Assorted Loads

A great mixture of paper products, cleaning supplies, HBA, cosmetics, and more. such as, diapers, paper towels, toilet paper, wipes, detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, soaps, body washes, shampoos, lotions, facial washes, nail polishes, mascara’s, lipsticks, blushes, and so much more.

Different Shipping Points around the U.S. CALL NOW FOR THIS SUPER OFFER!!!

overstock bounty baby towels
salvage downy fabric softner
wholesale gain detergent

Adult Assorted Diapers Load

Load may contain medium and large sizes, medium waist: 85-125 cm, large waist: 100-150 cm.

800 Bales in a 40HC container.

salvage medium adult diapers
friends adult diapers suppliers
adult diapers pallets

Lorion Beauty Hairstyling Tools

Mixture may contain hair tools such as, ceramic hair straightening styling brushes, blow dryers, diffusers, curlers, clipless curling irons, flat irons, and many others.

Retail values from $120.00 - $500.00 or more! FOB Florida! Order now don’t miss out!

surplus lorion thermal styling brush
surplus lorion clipless curling iron
lorion blow dryer in bulk

Assorted Lami Housewares/HBA/Gadgets Products

All shelf pulls and the cleanest, nicest mixture that may contain hair goodies such as scrunchies, combs, and brushes, as well as health and beauty aids (HBA), gadgets, kitchen utensils, home décor, toys, food containers, school supplies, plastic wares and so much more! You will love this mixture! Perfect for any kind of business, either wholesale or retail.

All in boxes for easier transportation and handle. Approximately over 90,000 pieces per load! Sold by 40HC container. FOB Pennsylvania. Super Buy!!!

lami housewares etc closeouts
lami housewares etc closeouts
lami housewares etc closeouts