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Wholesale Closeouts Liquidators Surplus Merchandise of Department Store Products

Welcome to!

We are a below-wholesale distributor and exporter of goods and liquidation merchandise. We offer a complete range of products to choose from. Everything you find in a department store, office supply store, or hardware store, we have available!

Read more about us or use the sidebar to browse items, quantities, and prices. Questions? Contact us from the Web site, send us an email, or simply call us at the #1-800-336-9133.

Liquidation goods focus in liquidation wholesale products, overstock lots, closeout brand name clothing, shelf-pull jewelry, used footwear and apparel, and more surplus goods from most department stores in the United States. Our center of attention is on clothes, cosmetics, bulk electronics, liquidation tools, brand name toys, clearance handbags, wholesale perfumes, and more. Choose from pallets, lots, or truckloads for cheap prices on the wholesale dollar!

If you are looking for flea market items, major appliances, dollar store merchandise lots, or merchandise from Amazon (just to name a few).... We are your source for quality affordable products! We welcome visitors to stop by without an appointment!

Find the merchandise you need for your business - prepared to ship anywhere in the United States. One of our sales representatives will be glad to help you. We ensure delivery will be quick and easy. Call or email us to learn more!

Here are our latest listings.

Carson/Bon Ton Department Stores General Merchandise

High-end brand names. Hard goods, domestics, linens and general merchandise such as: housewares, electronics, pots and pans, toys, gifts, table top items, domestics, linens, bath accessories, and much more.

Each pallet is approximately 7' tall. Buy 5 pallets and get 1 pallet FREE!

wholesale liquidation oster silver toaster
wholesale spice rack
wholesale kitchen aid utensils

Apparel and Accessories

Nice mixture of clothing and accessories for men, women and children. May contain pants, dresses, skirts, blouses, jeans, t-shirts, etc.

Every pallet has a piece count on it!!! Regular price $1.99... Call now for a super price!

wholesale liquidation fancy girls dress
wholesale liquidation womens skirt
wholesale discount denim skinny jeans

Walmart Baby Products

All merchandise is new overstock and returns merchandise. Huge variety of baby products. High value loads which may contain an assortment of high chairs, car seats, strollers, car seats, and much more.

Full container or truckload. Exclusive offer - You will love these loads! Order now and get the best!

wholesale blue bouncer
wholesale liquidation pink black stroller
wholesale red car seat

Bradshaw Home and Kitchen

Overstock and shelf-pull. May contain a mixture of houseware categories, from kitchen tools and gadgets to cookware to barware, can openers, spoons, kitchen knives, grater, strainer, lemon squeezer from brands like Airbrake, Betty Crocker, Bialetti, Black & Decker, Bonny, Emeril, Good Cook, Gourmet Solutions, Precision, Professionals, Sweet Creations, T-fal Wearever, and Yum.

Each load contains 26 Gaylords. Sold by 40HC Container. FOB California. Call for a super deal -Don't Miss out!

wholesale discount classic cutlery
wholesale discount juicer bella
wholesale crock pot

Brand Name Handbags

All originals - Exclusive Offer! Designer handbags. All new first quality handbags in their original cases. Huge selection of colors.

Retail value of these handbags is up to $149 each. Please call for a super low price. Minimum order is 500 units. FOB Florida. On Sale!

wholesale guess handbag
wholesale discount red bebe purse
wholesale discount jonathon alder blue handbag


All merchandise is overstock merchandise. Huge variety of toys. You get an assortment of action toys, action figures, dolls, remote control toys, talking toys, Barbie, baby products, and much more!

A 40 ft HQ container filled with brand name toys. Call and order now. For Export Only. Don't delay your orders! First come first served. WE ARE BACK WITH THE TOYS TOYS TOYS TOYS! Reserve your container now.

wholesale stacking train
wholesale discount small house childhood toys
wholesale liquidation stuffed animals

Brand-Name Toys, Games and Baby Items - EXCLUSIVE OFFER

All merchandise is overstock and shelf-pull merchandise. Huge variety of toys. You get an assortment of action toys, hand held games digital watches, drones, figures, dolls, remote control toys, talking toys, baby products, Legos, and much more!

A 40 ft HQ container/53' trailer filled with brand name toys, games and small baby items. Call and order now. Don't delay your orders! First come first served. Reserve your container NOW!

wholesale angry birds
wholesale discount cookie monster
wholesale discount baby toys truck

All New Assorted Christmas Lights and Decorations

All new overstock Christmas items. Pallets may contain a mixture of gift wrap paper, Christmas bells, Christmas balls, Christmas wreaths, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, tree holders, Christmas stockings, Christmas ornaments, Christmas plush toys, gift wrapping paper and gift bags, outside inflatable decorations, Christmas garlands, and more.

FOB MISS. Super deal -don't miss out!

wholesale christmas tree ornaments
wholesale christmas wall decor
wholesale discount christmas bells

Assorted Cost Plus World Market Furniture and More

Load may contain an assortment of dinner sets, coffee tables, desk, tables, benches, drawers, laptop tables, armchairs, accent tables, wood cabinets, sofas, dishes, kitchen utensils, and more!

FOB North Carolina. Best buy!

wholesale liquidation world market dining room
wholesale discount world market farmhouse bedroom
wholesale liquidation world market rustic dining room

Amazon Apparel - Men's Women's and Children's Clothing and Misc Accessories

All new overstock. A mixture of men's women's, and children's clothing. Load may contain a huge selection of shirts, pants, jackets, tops, denim, skirts, and more.

FOB Florida. Best Deal! Buy this load and get one Lowe's load free!

wholesale liquidation girls dress
wholesale girls nightgown
wholesale boys fleece hoodie

L'Oreal/Maybelline/Sally Henson Cosmetics

All new overstock. Huge selection of age perfect, blush, cashmere perfect, eye makeup, lip liner, eye liner, lip glosses, foundations, mascara, liner brushes, liner, pencils, manicure, nail polish, true match, voluminous, wear infinite, etc.

Special deal was $1.99. Call for special price. Minimum order is 10,000 pieces. FOB Florida. One time deal, limited quantities: first come first serve while supply last!

wholesale loreal evercreme
wholesale sally hansen insta dri
wholesale discount maybelline mascara

Brand-Name Athletic Footwear and Sneakers

All new. Great mix that may contain brand name such as: Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Fila, Reebok, and many others.

FOB Florida. Minimum order is 300 pairs. Wow - we've got what you were waiting for now!

wholesale new balance sneakers
wholesale liquidation Nike_sneaker
wholesale discount puma sneakers